A Possible U.S. and Taliban Peace?

Part IV

A Possible U.S. and Taliban Peace?

With the district court granting the government’s motion to dismiss in Al Maqaleh, habeas continues to be unavailable to the detainees. But besides litigation there are other political factors that may alter U.S. detention policy and help determine what will happen to these men.

One such factor is whether the U.S is able to improve its relationship with the Taliban. Some Taliban figures have indicated interest in a continued U.S. presence in Afghanistan, which may <Read More>

Karzai Government “Talks” with Taliban – The Explanation

Dexter Filkins of the New York Times described the current situation between the Taliban and Karzai’s Afghan government perfectly: “The Taliban represent a premodern Islamist movement; the other is a Western-backed democracy …. President Hamid Karzai has insisted that discussions cannot begin until the Taliban agree to accept the Afghan Constitution and disarm. The Taliban have insisted that talks can’t start until Western forces leave the country.”[i]


Yet, in late September and the beginning of October 2010, reports came out that <Read More>