From Ludecke to Boumediene: A Path to Habeas for Bagram Detainees?

“Whether and when it would be open to this Court to find that a war though merely formally kept alive had in fact ended, is a question too fraught with gravity even to be adequately formulated when not compelled.” Justice Frankfurter, Ludecke v. Watkins, 335 U.S. 160, 169 (1948).

In light of the Global War on Terror, the fate of the 66[1] foreign nationals detained in U.S. custody at Bagram is a veritable dark cloud hanging over American foreign policy.  Their <Read More>

Three interviews with lawyers who have litigated detention cases

In the spring 2013 semester, students from the “Detention in the War Against Terrorism” class interviewed three lawyers who have worked actively on detention issues. We thank all three for agreeing to talk with us, and we hope readers of this site will find the interviews as illuminating as we did. They are:

Tina Foster, founder of the International Justice Network, who spoke with Michael Villacres; the video recording of this interview is available at

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